I had to check out my own eBook on my kindle e-reader device recently!

It looks good and works well in the eBook format!

I quite often read paperback or hardcover books as they are easy to find if you just wander into a bookshop (which I frequently). I bought my kindle e-reader for myself the Christmas before last and it has been great for travelling and taking on the bus to work. It’s so much lighter than many big books and easy to read with the intergrated backlight. You can also change the font and sizing for eBooks (where applicable) in the settings. My Kindle has goodreads and the Amazon store on it so I can buy and rate books in just a few clicks.

My novel Time Does Not Stop is available on Amazon Australia for $9.53 (incl. tax). Please buy it!!

Here is a comparison between the paperback and the ebook versions side-by-side:

Also I thought I would take the opportunity to get a curious photo with Bella checking it out too and she doesn’t seem to mind it:

Here is a closer comparison of the two versions: